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Together We Achieve and Succeed!

Bushcraft, marshmallow munching

This week, being the final week of the academic year, all children from year R and year 1 have been trying out their firefighting skills, learning about the fire triangle, why we put out fires and the associated risks to the environment and wildlife and most enjoyably toasting marshmallows!


I’m forever blowing bubbles/it’s a bugs life

This week in Forest School! Children from bumblebees and ladybirds were making bubble mix and woodland wands, using fine motor skills and practicing one of the school moto’s; perseverance trying different strengths of blowing.

Squirrells and Hedgehogs were busy learning valuable skills whilst making a class bug hotel. The children used wire cutters to get through the chicken wire (which was tough!) and a hammer to secure the top and bottom log slices in place with staples.

The children showed real concentration, caution and care. Some children learned new skills and all showed team work, understanding and want to learn new skills.

Hedgehogs & Bumblebees goooooooo bug hunting!

Today the weather has been fine with a lovely cool breeze which made the whole day much more bearable for the children (and adults!)

The children have been learning about balance on the boards and in trees, using the three points of contact when climbing.

We went bug hunting looking at various habitats and finding many different types of insects. We discussed the need to respect wildlife and look after them, always placing them back in their home.

We then made what we found in the woods out of clay, sticks and pipe cleaners, not forgetting the Googly eyes!

Please can I remind all parents to equip children with suitable clothing for forest school, most of reception and some of year one had NO forest school clothes at all.

Spare, old clothing will prevent the children from getting dirty, getting stung or scratched or from picking up ticks (rare, but with the horses next door and shrubbery a possibility.)

The children will not be able to go out in the poor weather without water proof onesies or two pieces.

This would be a real shame as I know how much they enjoy it.

The children this week learnt how to bug hunt with respect to our living creatures, they found a real range of creatures such as ground beetles, wood louse, spiders and cinnabar caterpillars.

Of course there was also tree climbing, clay creativity and imagination in bucket loads!

The hammock made a welcome return too😀

A new start


My name is Sara Spellman and I am the new Forest School leader at Seal.

I have been here 3 weeks now and have settled in nicely with the children of Reception and Year 1 .

The forest school provisions here are wonderful and the children are very lucky.

Last week children were learning about dinosaur bones and making fossils.

This week the children have been pond dipping, where they found dragonfly nymphs, water boatman and toad tadpoles!

Please make sure your child brings in the correct clothing for forest school to reduce stings, scratches and dirty uniforms.  Long trousers are essential and waterproof clothing is ideal.

Leaf bashing!

KS1 have moved on from leaf rubbing to leaf bashing and with fabulous results! We’ve also been building dens, relaxing in the hammock, hunting for bugs, cooking in the mud kitchen and enjoying the sunshine. Take a look.

All of foxes have independently made their pendants, using a saw, hand drill and pens for the design with great results. Well done foxes.


And finally Herons have all successfully planted a hedgerow and have become fully fledged conservationists. I truly believe they will take conservation into adulthood, I’m very proud of you all.

Leaves, pendants and hedgerow.

A bit of a mixed bag weather wise, this week, but the rain didn’t dampen our fun! Now that spring has  sprung and the leaves are finally on the trees, KS1 have been collecting leaves to create fantastic leaf rubbings! We also been up to lots of bug hunting including a fabulous slow worm!

Foxes are using their skills to make pendants, using saws and hand drills. Good work Foxy Loxies!

Herons are contiuing their conservation journey and are becoming fully fledged conservationists by individually planting a hedgerow, a natural habitat for all the animals. A fantastic legacy, well done Herons!

Fabulous weather!!

What a lovely week of sunshine! We’ve had lots of adventures including bug hunting, cooking in our mud cafe and hunting for tropical frogs! We also painted all of our Bog babies and gave them eyes ready to go home and be looked after. Take a look at our adventures.

Foxes used saws and hand drills to make pendants from birch wood!

Herons, having helped to conserve solitary bees, birds, pond life and hedgehogs throughout the years, are now planting their own Hedgerow to give all of the local animals a natural habitat and food source! Thank you woodland trust for your hedgerow saplings.

Herons were also lucky enough to have 3 beautiful snakes visit us in base camp, such beautiful creatures.




Bog babies!

Well after freezing Monday ❄️❄️❄️ We finally saw the sun and had a lovely week making bog babies using our digging area mud. We have still to paint them blue and give them eyes but we had fun getting muddy and hunting for wings.

KS2 managed to finish their fabulous bird tables and bird boxes! Well done to Kingfishers and Badgers for persevering and for becoming great bird conservationists.




Snow! And Squirrel feeding.

What a past couple of weeks, so much snow, then lots of rain! We had so much fun in the snow though. My favourite part was trying to identify the animal tracks that were left behind. I think the Squirrels were very grateful to KS1, for feeding them.They did this by drilling holes in apples and sweet corn with a hand drill, then threading them with string to hang. We’ve also managed to continue on with our KS2 bird boxes and bird tables. Take a look at some of our antics.